Don’t Fall for the Scam. Don’t Do it for Instagram.

It is not even Thanksgiving yet, and I am already seeing pictures on Instagram of perfectly decorated houses, themed christmas trees, and elegant decor. All of which have me feeling a certain way. Every stupid Christmas throw pillow and perfectly curated bottle brush tree collection mantlescape makes me feel like putting on my shoes and going to Target to try to keep up with everyone else. It makes me feel that what I have is not good enough, not hip enough, not sparkly enough, not farmhousey enough, just not enough. And this isn’t just a Holiday feeling. It’s a feeling that instagram gives me a lot of the time. Sometimes I just wanna delete it all together, but of course I don’t.

This year though, I keep asking myself “WHY?” Why do I feel like I need more than I have? Why do I feel like I need to spend more money than I need to spend? And who am I doing it for? Who am I trying to impress? Strangers on the internet? Who says we need to keep up with the bloggers or the influencers? This is just another scam people!

It is an outright SCAM to think that your Holiday decor should be about anyone other than your family. It is a SCAM for them to make us feel like we have to go into debt making our houses look like a magazine. It is a SCAM to make us think that the people who really matter aren’t the people that live within our walls- the precious people that we see, and kiss, and hug, and love on everyday.

Ya’ll. Come on. We know better than this. We do.

How much money do you need to spend to post a picture? Because your kids aren’t gonna care if you use those same Christmas decorations from last year, and they matter. Your husband surely isn’t gonna care what your tree theme is, and he matters. I never liked themed trees anyway. You know what I love? Looking at my tree, the one with the same ornaments from last year, and the year before- the ones we have collected in our 4 little Christmases together. I love cuddling on the couch next to the glow of that tree because it is warm, and it’s OURS, and it’s freaking magical.

The same goes for what’s under the tree. Giving isn’t about showing anyone up. It is only about loving the ones you love.

I am certainly not saying that it is wrong to wanna go out and pick up some new Christmas decorations, or nice presents under the tree for your family. All I’m saying is check your heart, and ask yourself why? I know I am….every single time I see something and think “I need that” or “my house needs to look like theirs.” Make sure you are not doing anything that you don’t wanna do this Holiday. Don’t let strangers on the internet make this season into something that it was never meant to be! Don’t be afraid to use those funny old reindeer figurines, or that heirloom tree topper, or the tablecloth from your grandma, or the ornament from when you first got married just because it’s not “in style” or isn’t “on theme.” Don’t let comparison steal your season. Don’t let them tell you how to do Christmas, and, please, please, please don’t do any of it for Instagram.

And don’t worry….. after Christmas, it will all be 90% off at Target anyway.

Published by Lauren DeMoss Benson

Wife. Mom of two. I'm retired. I like to think I'm funny and share my heart with the world.

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